We at Omni-Fund strive to keep our overhead low so we can pass the savings onto our clients. With the most up to date software, along with rate tracking programs, our loan officers have the ability to find the best rate and terms available on the market. We do not hire loan officers off the streets, nor do we market for new ones. We only hire loan officers that come with a referral from our current selection of vendors. We have found that this produces a solid core of individuals that work in unison, and not against each other to provide the best possible solution for our clients. Although our technology is second to none, our loan officers are here to provide you with the human touch that technology can never replace.

Corporate Address:
26395 Jefferson Avenue # E
Murrieta Ca 92562

888-682-FUND (3863)


NMLS# 4869
DRE License# 0143-0833
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